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Our professionall orientation is focused on results and individual approach to each client, providing legal services of high quality.

Legal practice as an independent and autonomous service for provision of legal assistance represents a challenge for us, and at the same time the obligation to provide service to every client in the best way possible.

Our knowledge, experience, abilities and legal skills are always at your service in order to achieve the result together.

A wide range of services in the field of civil and criminal law will satisfy all your needs.

How can we help you?

Family law

>Providing services in the field of the family law is determined by the structure of the law that regulates this area, and that is marriage and relations in marriage.

Criminal Law

In the field of criminal law we provide consulting services as well as defense and representation before the courts, the amount of threatened punishments as well as the type of crime is not a crucial factor for us to accept the defense in these proceedings, whether it is the defendant or damaged.

Inheritance Law

Inheritance as a process of transfer of property of a deceased person to other persons, often requires professional legal assistance, whether it is about the inheritance on the basis of the law or a testamentary succession.

The establishment of business entities

In the process of establishment of business entities we help you to choose a legal form that suits business and customer needs.

Bankruptcy and Liquidation

Bankruptcy and liquidation, as well as ways of company termination are an integral part of our work engagement. Bankruptcy law is designed with the aim to solve problems with company business and creditors’ payments, and it is realised by a reorganization or bankruptcy.

Private international law

The issue of personal relations becomes more complex in the case when the foreign element appears at a certain aspect of the relationship, this is especially because the economy and the private law relationships are not autarchic and cross-border traffic is very alive.

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Pro bono

We have understood a Latin phrase "pro bono" literally and established a standard to dedicate our knowledge and skills for the common good. We provide free legal services for clients who can not afford a lawyer, whether they are legal or natural persons. We aim to strengthen social responsibility through our professional engagement by providing „pro bono“ services, in favor of individuals and the community.

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