The establishment of business entities

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In the process of establishment of business entities we help you to  choose a legal form that suits business and customer needs.

In the process of registration, be sure to register the following information: company name, address of the headquarters, date of establishment, date of entry, change or deletion of information or documents, registration number assigned by the Republic Institute for Statistics, which is at the same time a registration number and a tax identification number of the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund and of the Republic Health Insurance, the duration period, if the company was founded for a definite time period, legal form, code of predominant activity, information about the representative and the limits of his/her powers, the base (registered) capital, share and shareholder’s investement, the estimate of the value of the non-cash contribution or a certificate from the competent body of the entity registering about the estimation of the non-cash contribution, the memorandum of association and statute.

Depending on the subject of registration, the Register contains details about shareholders and founders of the subject of registration, the cooperative members, the Director i.e. members of the board of directors or executive committee, the president and members of the supervisory board, the president and members of the board.

Optional information to be recorded in the registry: abbreviated business name, business name in a foreign language, abbreviated business name in a foreign language, information about a procurator, data on branches, the obligations to certificate the modifications to the memorandum of association, information on liquidation, forced liquidation and bankruptcy, records, data on names reserved in accordance with the Law on the Procedure of Registration, call information, information about advertisement and publication of the document that is registered in accordance with the law, the address for mail reception, the address for e-mail reception, bank account numbers.