Law of Obligation

Causing damage Unjust enrichment
Negotiorum gestio Unilateral will statements

The Law of Obligation includes the kind of relationships that are called obligation relationships or simply obligations; those are civil relationships between certain persons who represent obligations to each other in certain ways.

In its basic components, this type of relationship represents the most important legal relationships between people. All that we give to others has the character of a commitment, we give because we are obliged to do so, and we take because we have every right to.
Sources of obligation relations in our law are: a contract, causing damages, unjust enrichment, negotiorum gestio and unilateral statement of will.

A very wide range of these legal relations require a serious approach, a great responsibility as well as vast experience based on previously acquired theoretical knowledge. We possess all these qualities to the ultimate consequences which shed particular light on every request which we realize in the best way possible.